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2017 - 07 - 20
On July 20, 2017, Xue Yuan, the head of the Planning and Development Department of PetroChina Urumqi Petrochemical Group, led a delegation to our company to conduct an investigation and exchange on the synthesis of ethylene glycol in the synthesis gas high-pressure carbonylation process. After listening to the technical introduction of Wang Baoming, the chairman of our company, I went to the R&D base of our company for inspection.
2016 - 12 - 06
On the morning of December 6, 2016, Yan Guochun, the general manager of China Shenhua Coal-to-Liquid Chemical Co., Ltd., led a team of 11 leaders and experts to visit our company's R&D center. Wang Baoming, the chairman of our company, received the guests. Zhang Laiyong, deputy general manager of China Ryukyu Engineering Co., led five experts from China Ryukyu Engineering Co., Ltd. to participate in the exchange. Chairman Wang Baoming introduced the general situation of our R&D center to the guests and led the guests to visit the R&D center and the pilot plant.   ...
2016 - 10 - 18
On October 18, 2016, Liu Shunfu, the vice chairman of our company, arrived in Wuxi. He communicated with the chairman of Sanli Fengxiang Technology Co., Ltd. Xiang Jiayong and others on the current project schedule and the next work arrangement. After the meeting, both parties have drawn up Sign the meeting minutes and work on this basis.
2016 - 10 - 18
On October 18th, 2016, Chairman of the Board of Directors Wang Baoming and experts from China huanqiu contracting&engineering CO.,Ltd.  went to the headquarters of Xuyang Chemical Co., Ltd., and had technical exchanges with Yang Xuegang, the chairman of Xuyang Chemical Co., Ltd., which was being prepared for Xuyang Chemical. The ethylene glycol project gave preliminary recommendations. After the meeting, the two sides decided to sign a confidentiality agreement as soon as possible. Wu Zheng and Ryukyu gave a simple calculation and preliminary plan for the project.
2016 - 10 - 13
On October 13, 2016, Seliger, Vice President of Conceptual Design Department of Linde Group and Tian Zhenshan, Chief Representative of Beijing Office, came to our company's R&D center to inspect and exchange. The two sides exchanged information on the Iranian ROPACO project. At present, ROPACO has commissioned Linde to conduct technical evaluation and evaluate the ethylene glycol technology of our second-generation high-pressure carbonylation process.
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