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2012 - 04 - 08
With the breakthrough in the research of acetic acid ester ethanol technology of Wuzheng Company and the long-term stable operation of the pilot plant, the technology has matured. Zhejiang Liansheng Chemical and our company have exchanged many times and reached a consensus on the industrial transformation of the technology. It is planned to build a 10,000-ton ethanol plant in a certain place in Shandong during the year. The construction of the plant provides a new opportunity for the development of the acetate-based ethanol industry, and also finds a new economic synthetic route for coal-based...
2012 - 02 - 28
As of January 2012, the company's research and development center made a major breakthrough in the use of acetate hydrogenation to produce ethanol. The results show that the catalyst conversion and selectivity of this technology are higher than the published literature reports, and no strong corrosive acid is produced. At present, the industrialized catalyst for the hydrogenation of acetate to ethanol has been finalized and will be transferred to industrial applications in the near future. The industrialization of the process can use ordinary carbon steel as the reaction equipment, and the...
2012 - 01 - 09
The patent technology, technology package and basic design were provided by Shanghai Wuzheng Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.; Shandong Hualu Hengsheng completed the detailed design of “50,000 tons/year synthetic tail gas to ethylene glycol energy saving project” by Shandong Runchang Engineering Design Co., Ltd. The progress has been smooth, and the installation work in the installation area has basically ended. At the time of publication, the single-machine test is underway. In the case of peripheral conditions, it is expected to be put into operation in the first and second quarters of 2012....
2010 - 05 - 18
Following the successful development of the indirect process of syngas to produce ethylene glycol, high temperature coal tar and eucalyptus hydrogenation technology, Shanghai Wuzheng Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. recently completed the relevant tests for separating and purifying ethylene glycol raw material carbon monoxide using cold box technology. The relevant patents were declared.
2010 - 05 - 13
Up to now, Shanghai Wuzheng Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. has established cooperative relations with dozens of petrochemical, electric power, coal and coal chemical enterprises in China, and established cooperative relations in terms of technology development, technical support and technical services. Related contract.
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