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2020 - 04 - 26
On April 26, 2020, Mr. Wang Baoming, Chairman of Shanghai Wuzheng Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., and his delegation arrived at Saiding Engineering Co., Ltd., for an exchange and discussion on the promotion of cooperative technology development and other matters.  At the exchange meeting, Li Chanle, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Saiding Engineering, welcomed Shanghai Wuzheng Company and introduced the company's situation. Secretary Li Chuanle said that Wuzheng's technology has strong advantages and can greatly complement Saiding's advantages in the fi...
2020 - 03 - 30
On March 30th, wang baoming, chairman of Shanghai wuzheng company, led a delegation to xuefeng holding company to have an exchange discussion on the choice of new technology path and industrial planning of coal chemical industry. The two sides discussed the development trend of the industry and the plan of cooperation and development based on the '2+N' industrial layout of Xuefeng Holding Company. At the exchange meeting, Kang Jian, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Xuefeng Holding Company, welcomed Shanghai Wuzheng Company and introduced the development situation o...
2020 - 03 - 27
On March 27th, Wuzheng Engineering (Shanghai)Co., Ltd. and Xinjiang Wangjing Long New Material Co., Ltd. signed the annual production of 400,000 tons of ethylene glycol project in Korla Municipal Government, and signed the contract of 1.3 million tons of PBAT industrial chain project and the gas supply agreement of Zhongan Xinqi (Xinjiang) Gas Energy Saving Co., Ltd.  The signing of the above project marks the official settlement of the project in Shangku High-tech Zone Petroleum and Petrochemical Industrial Park.
2020 - 01 - 06
On January 4th, solstice6, an expert review meeting was held in Qingyang Hotel for Qingyang Jinqing Energy Co., Ltd. 'Feasibility Study Report of 400,000t/a Coal to Glycol Project' and 'Feasibility Study Report of 500,000t/a Coal Pylytic Quality Utilization Project'. Vice Mayor Yang Shoujin of Qingyang Municipal Government and relevant departments of the city, relevant departments of Ning County Government, relevant departments of Changqingqiao Industrial Concentration District Management Committee, national expert review group, evaluation expert group of local competent depart...
2019 - 12 - 17
On December 17, 2019, Jia Meiping, Chief Engineer of China National Chemical Engineering Group Co., Ltd., Deng Zhaojing, President of China National Chemical Science and Technology Research Co., Ltd., and Wu Huixiong, Vice Chief Engineer of China Hualu Technology Co., Ltd., visited Wuzheng Engineering(Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Chairman wang baoming, vice chairman liu shunfu and other officials attended the meeting.       President Deng Zhaojing and Vice Chairman Liu Shunfu respectively signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement on the Production of Glycol and Downstream Prod...
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