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National Chemical Ammonia Design Technology Station 2015 Technical Exchange Meeting Held

date: 2015-10-29
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On October 27, 2015, the National Chemical Ammonia Design and Technology Station 2015 Technical Exchange Meeting was held in Dalian Liangyun Hotel. At the meeting, Wang Baoming, the chief engineer of our company, made an important report on 'the second generation of synthetic gas glycol technology - the medium and high pressure carbonylation process to produce ethylene glycol large-scale technology (STEG-II)'.

In the report, after the briefing on the ethylene glycol project of Jilin Daan 400,000 tons/year syngas medium and high pressure carbonylation technology, Wang Baoming’s chief engineer said, “We are grateful for the ethylene glycol business in Wuzheng. 2 units, one is Shandong Hualu Hengsheng, your company trusts us when the industry does not recognize syngas to produce ethylene glycol, let us become the industry's first to complete the 50,000 tons / year synthesis gas glycol project The company is the Zhejiang Rongsheng Group. It is their trust and support that allows us to bravely take the pace of large-scale synthesis of ethylene glycol. The world's first high-pressure carbonylation process in syngas is completed. Alcohol, let us once again become the leader in the synthesis of ethylene glycol technology. Using the second-generation patented technology, the total cost of ethylene glycol is less than 2,800 yuan, and the total cost of the first-generation low-pressure process syngas to ethylene glycol technology is 4,000-5,000 yuan, and under Brent crude oil is 50 dollars. The cost of petroleum law to produce ethylene glycol is higher than 3,800 yuan. The significance of this is self-evident. ”

Since 2012, our company has successively completed the improvement of the patented technology of the second generation of medium and high pressure process syngas to ethylene glycol, and obtained the patent authorization of the State Intellectual Property Office. Our company also hopes to lead the synthesis gas system in China. The diol industry has entered the fast lane and abandoned the backward technology in the past, completely changing the situation of China's ethylene glycol dependence on imports.

National Chemical Ammonia Design Technology Station 2015 Technical Exchange Meeting Held

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