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Coal chemical industry takes coal as raw material and converts coal into gas, liquid and solid products or semi-products through chemical processing, and then further processes into chemical and energy products. Petrochemical industry is a chemical industry with petroleum and natural gas as raw materials. China is short of oil, short of gas and rich in coal. Coal plays a very important role in national energy strategy. The technology of coal-based chemical industry is developing and gradually replacing some petrochemical products,Such as  MTO, coal to glycol, etc.
Fine chemicals refer to the chemicals that can enhance or endow a product with a specific function or have a specific function in small batch manufacturing and application, with high technical density, high added value and high purity, and are the products of further processing of basic chemicals. Fine chemical industry is a comprehensive technology intensive industry. It is one of the most dynamic emerging fields in the chemical industry. It is an important part of new materials.
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