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Wuzheng Engineering (Shanghai)Co., Ltd. has many national patented technologies for special reactors, and has been devoting great efforts to the research and development of large-scale industrial plate reactor technology for many years. This technology can significantly improve the utilization coefficient of loading catalyst and the volume utilization ratio of reactor, significantly increase the loading capacity of catalyst, greatly improve the reactor production capacity and greatly reduce the reactor capacity. The investment cost of equipment is low and the operation cost of equipment is significantly reduced. This technology is applied to industrialization processes such as carbonylation and ester hydrogenation. Especially in the process of introducing this technology into coal-to-ethylene glycol process for the first time in the world and in China, it not only maximizes the unit's single-line capacity, but also significantly reduces the capital and operating costs, thus bringing great economic benefits to customers, at the same time, other carbonyls. The process of alkylation and ester hydrogenation has played a good role in industrial application. Therefore, the large plate reactor of Wuzheng Company is not only the lowest cost in the market, but also proved to be safe, reliable and sustainable by many years of experiments.

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