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Wuzheng Engineering (Shanghai)Co., Ltd. is committed to technological innovation, and constantly meets the needs of its own and customer business growth and rapid profit growth. Over the years, efforts have been made to build an advanced technology research and development platform. After years of technology accumulation, it has the leading software and hardware resources in the country.

The R&D personnel of the company have excellent scientific research quality, strong technological innovation ability, and many years of industrial catalyst research, development and engineering enlargement experience. After years of continuous development of enterprise technology, a complete system of hardware platforms for preparation, evaluation and characterization of industrial catalysts has been built. It has a platform for preparation of catalysts from small-scale, pilot-scale to industrial-grade, and has also built a supporting platform for evaluation of catalysts such as micro-reactor, single tube and industrial side-line. The company has built a complete characterization system and platform matched with catalyst research, and has advanced catalyst characterization equipment, which strongly supports the continuous innovation and technological progress of catalyst research and technology. It can meet the needs of relevant universities and enterprises to cooperate in the development of catalysts.

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