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Industrial Catalyst

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Based on technological innovation and closely combined with rapidly changing market and customer requirements, Wuzheng Engineering (Shanghai)Co., Ltd. continuously and efficiently promotes the upgrading of existing catalysts and the development of catalysts for new industrial projects to meet the needs of stable operation of customer business and rapid growth of profits.

At present, Wuzheng Engineering (Shanghai)Co., Ltd.  has a production base of catalyst with capacity of 3000 tons per year. It can provide advanced and efficient industrial catalysts for customers, and quickly respond to your needs. Catalysts cover many fields such as petrochemical industry and coal chemical industry, and have been successfully used in many industrial plants. The main catalysts are oxalate hydrogenation to ethylene glycol catalyst, synthesis gas carbonylation to oxalate catalyst, synthesis gas to ethanol catalyst, dimethyl adipate hydrogenation to hexanediol catalyst and coal tar hydrogenation catalyst. Cracking catalyst, coal tar hydrogenation catalyst, coal to aromatics catalyst and so on.


List of partial catalyst properties:


 Industrial catalyst


The company's catalyst has independent intellectual property rights, with a number of invention patents. The technical index is in the advanced level both at home and abroad, and the cost of catalyst preparation is low. The company's catalysts have high activity, high yield, long life and lower reactor loading cost.

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